Features we can incorporate into your digital menu and business.

Personalized Landing Page

Each plan includes a personalized landing page to feature your brand and establishment on our platform.

Menu Version History

Keep track of your menu updates, to see what works and what doesn’t.

Brands & Partners

Feature your brands & partners on your menu, add their logos and you can also add links to their websites.

Waiter Notes

Chef & management notes for waiters can be stored and referenced by each waiter. Make sure your team doesn’t miss a selling point when promoting your award winning dish.

Cross Selling between items

Select similar menu options that you want to promote. They will be suggested as your guests browse.

Interactive & rich media

Easy searchable menu, video and other animation to bring your menu to life. 

Unlimited menu's

There is scope for unlimited menu’s, so you can retain a menu history and have the option to offer multiple menu’s that are currently available. This is ideal if you have set menu’s, special menu’s or a large wine list/beverage menu.

Restaurant info and wi-fi code

You can feature your story or vision for your establishment, also a great space to share useful content like access wi-fi etc.

Social media & Dish rating

Guests can share their favorite dish on social media or rate the dish. Great for the management team to see what works and what does not.

User reviews

A great platform for the guests to provide feedback on what works and what doesn’t. They’re the reason your establishment exists.

Out of stock menu items

You can simply mark an item as “out of stock” and it will immediately be hidden or marked as “out of stock”. 

Campaigns & competitions

Run your own promotions through the platform and menu links. A great way to grab the guests attention.


Track to see how many users are viewing your menu online and at your establishment. And which items are popular.

Loyalty program & Vouchers

Guests can join your loyalty program and buy vouchers online.

Covid guest log & welcome

For Covid-19 compliance logs, your guests can enter their details on their own device upon entry.

Personalised domain name

Make your menu available on your own custom domain name, great to keep your brand on point.


You can feature your menu in multiple languages. Great for tourists from different countries to understand their dish in their own mother-tongue

WordPress plugin/
HTML embed

You can feature your latest menu in your website using our WordPress plugin or using a short HTML snippet. All updates will automatically pull through to the website.

Menu Printing

You can quickly and easily print your menu or export to PDF. No more inconsistent design.

TV/Tablet Display

Display your digital menu using a TV or Tablet for everyone to see, without having to check on their own devices.